A Report on Oral Health Delivery to rural underserved communities in Oyo State using the Mobile Dental clinic.

  • A. O. Balogun University College Hospital
  • J. O Taiwo University College Hospital
  • O. Ibiyemi
  • F. B. Lawal University College Hospital
  • O. J. Ipeayeda University College Hospital



Introduction: In Nigeria, the distribution of health care facilities particularly oral health facilities is urban based. Consequently, the rural people have no access or minimal access to oral health care. Various studies have called attention to the increasing trend of oral diseases in Nigeria, especially in the rural areas. Mobile dental clinic transcends all barriers to oral health care including physical and cultural barriers through community outreach, to rural underserved areas. Therefore, this project set out to determine the oral health needs of poor underserved rural communities in Ibadan and to deliver oral health care at their doorsteps.

 Methods: Using the services of a mobile dental clinic, inhabitants in selected rural communities namely; Akufo, Olosun, Aremo and Ilaju were given oral health talk and treatment after their needs were determined using dental mirror, natural light, CPITN probe, caries probe.

Result: One hundred and thirty one people were examined and treated. Majority were from Yoruba tribe. More females (58.0%) participated in the study. Mean age of the participants was 42.4years. Many (61.8%) of the participants had periodontal disease, tooth wear 24.4%, dental caries 16.0%. Majority of the participants had scaling and polishing (61.8%) as treatment, while 3.1% had atraumatic restorative treatment. Extraction was done for 6.8% of participants, while 27.5% were referred.

Conclusion: Oral diseases, especially periodontal disease, tooth wear and caries are quite prevalent in underserved rural communities.

Key words: Health, Rural, Mobile, barriers, underserved


Apr 5, 2018
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