Attitude And Perception Of Orthodontic Patients to Orthodontic Treatment time and Accelerated Orthodontics

  • Onyinye Dorothy Umeh College of Medicine, University of Lagos Nigeria
  • Gerald Ikenna Isiekwe
  • Oluranti daCosta
  • O O Sanu
  • Ifeoma Utomi
  • M Izuka


Background: There is an increasing interest in accelerating orthodontic treatment among orthodontists and orthodontic patients worldwide.

Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the attitude and perception of orthodontic patients to the duration of orthodontic treatment and the procedures for accelerating orthodontic tooth movement.

Methodology: Patients undergoing fixed appliance orthodontic treatment at the Orthodontic Unit of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital were recruited for the study. Data collection was done using self-administered questionnaires and an Information sheet. Accelerated orthodontic procedures evaluated were corticotomy, piezocision, micro-osteoperforation, laser therapy, local administration of injections and use of vibrations.

Results: One hundred orthodontic patients (n=100, adolescents, 46%, adults, 54%) were surveyed comprising of 36 males and 64 females. Responses obtained from the participants showed that most of them had never heard of accelerated orthodontics (88%). A majority of respondents (75%) believed that orthodontic treatment time was too long, and were willing to undergo additional procedures to reduce treatment time (81%). Subjects’ willingness to undergo the procedures were inversely proportional to the degree of its invasiveness for all groups, with most of the patients willing to accept a 20% increase in treatment fees for a reduction in treatment time.

Conclusion: The orthodontic patients surveyed considered treatment time protracted and were interested in undergoing adjunctive orthodontic procedures to accelerate tooth movement with a consequent increase in treatment cost.

Key words: Accelerated orthodontics, Orthodontic treatment time.

Jul 23, 2020
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